Atmospheric pads, sharp cutting melodic synths and killer grimey bars mix perfectly together in order to create this solid production.  Zach Taylor (alias name ZT), is a 25 year old producer from Canada. He started producing big beats 8 years ago, where he was first introduced to FL studio on a high school computer by a friend, on which he experimented with boom-bap beats. He started getting involved with dubstep, when he first listened to Ruskos’ cockney thug( Caspa remix).

His first influences were beats by Dj Premier, 9th Wonder and J Dilla. He started using Fruity loops but now, he produces using logic 9 DAW ,NI massive, FM8, Sylenth for the synths and one shot samples for the drumbeats. The secret in these massive synths we heard in this beautifully constructed production, is the processing. Distortion, delays, reverbs, phasers and more, are used to deliver shockwaves directly from the speakers. As he told us, he is “100% software” besides his iMac computer and his trusty krk Rokit monitors. Right now, he works on new material, practicing to be better and develop as an artist. We can’t wait to listen to this new material and of course to his future collaborations with other great artists. You can find more of ZT’s sounds on his Soundcloud page and be sure to like ZT’s facebook fan page.

Also on this track are lyrics by Darka, aka G-Lish.  DubNation fans will remember Darka from a previous feature

Article written by George AKA “ChemFace” Karagiannis

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