What is DubNation About?


At Dub Nation, We love Dubstep, and we feel that the best tracks don’t just come from the big names.  Those big names started somewhere, and for every one that made it there are a thousand that get lost in the shuffle.  We often find tracks that are so good and feel like it is a travesty they don’t reach a wider audience.  Thats were we come in. We aim to share music and talent with you that you would otherwise might not have heard. For producers and DJs, we give you a forum to reach new fans.  We have a following on facebook  Four-thousand strong and growing fast and we’re on soundcloud too!

Our promise:

We will never ask you for money to promote you or your track.  Be wary of any site that asks for a payment in order to be considered for promotion

Dub Nation is run by a group of musicians, DJs, producers, and promoters who share a passion for electronic music.  We run DubNation.net for free because we love you that much. No, really though, we all have day jobs, and we do this just because we want to.

We will never ask you for money in order to have your tracks considered for feature.  Now, with that said, there are times where you may consider investing in your own music.  When we choose an artist/track for feature on DubNation, we promote the track via via advertisements on Facebook.  We do this at no required cost to the featured artist.  We do however provide the artist with an opportunity to fund the extension of the advertising budget.  Details can be found on our Promoted Posts page.


If you would like to submit a track for possible feature, head on over and like our facebook page.  You can submit your tracks to us there.  You might also want to check out our submission tips guide too.