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Tips on Increasing your exposure on SoundCloud

First thing is first… Soundcloud is an incredible platform for anybody in the music industry, regardless of whether an artist, fan or a record label owner.

Genre is also irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the Soundcloud experience. There are a mixture of many genres and artists on Soundcloud, which makes it probably the most successful music platform on the web with over one million active users to date! 

As great as it may seem to quickly sign up, upload your DJ mixes or tracks and have loads of people head to your page to interact, it really isn’t as simple as this unfortunately.

What we are going to go through may seem obvious at times, but the smallest tips all added up can soon add up to an exponential amount of fan interaction, new plays, favorites and fans.

Firstly, it is highly advisable to pay for a ‘premium’ membership on Soundcloud. Why, we hear you ask? Well, for a number of reasons:

1. You get a cultured widget next to your name, which makes you stand out. 

2. You can ‘share’ your track with far more groups and people (I will go into this later). 

3. With a free account, you are restricted to give out 100 downloads. 

4. The benefit FAR outweighs the cost


In the beginning, you do not need a ‘Pro’ or ‘Pro Plus’ account, unless you know for certain your music is of optimum quality and you can justify the extra cash needed for this.


Alternatively, if you are a music label turning around a lot of releases and need demographics regarding plays and all sorts of other useful insights, one of these accounts is a good place to start.

Ways To Interact On Soundcloud 

Firstly, I’d like to state that being a Dubstep Music Producer myself, I know a bit about how hard it is to get recognized. I’ve been a member myself on Soundcloud since the early days and have taught many of my friends what know to naturally get more organic plays and followers. Here is a quick set of tips  I’ve compiled.   before we get onto the more complex stuff regarding your music in general lets start with some seemingly obvious basics:

  • Only put your music up if you are 100% happy with it! The human ear gets tired very quickly, so as tempting as it may seem to get some heat on a new production and stick it on Soundcloud, wait for a few hours and listen again. Also, perhaps send to a friend that will give you an unbiased opinion – this is crucial
  • Upload the track at Optimum time in relation to your demographics (if you know where most of your plays come from). For example, if in Europe, Sunday afternoon/evening is a premium time, or any evening after people finish work – for example 8pm London time. This will ensure maximum exposure on the SC dashboard.
  • Soundcloud promotion is like a snowball effect… The quicker you get the track seen by others, the likelihood of an increased rise of feedback in the form of comments and plays and favorites will occur. Therefore, if you utilize your Soundcloud account to link your Twitter and Facebook fan page accounts etc., you will gain maximum exposure
  • Become friendly with music blogs – these guys should be your best friends! They can gain so much momentum on your tracks. Collate e-mail addresses and try and become featured in a quick amount of time after uploading your track and you’ll see maximum benefit.


Unconventional Ways On Gaining Interaction & A Better Following 

Now, as good as the above method is, you can do a LOT more to gain more exposure. Soundcloud is a two-way process, primarily designed for reciprocal interaction. Therefore, post comments on other people’s tracks in the same genre. Do not spam your links at all – you will just be seen as an annoyance to the SC community.

What you can also do is comment on a ‘famous’ person’s track when it is uploaded at the beginning (if you like it!). The chance of others visiting your page and listening your track is therefore increased. You can and must follow people you like – you will get a lot of people follow you back this way which then increases your chances of a collaboration.

If you wish to collab with an artist(s), get talking to them – send them a private message and you will find a few compliments can go a long way. Collabs are great because you then have DOUBLE the exposure and two or three of you can push the track across Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Reverbnation and more – multiply this number by two or three and you can see how well you can push a track or mix!

This brings us on to a VERY powerful Soundcloud tool… Group sharing.

Group Sharing 

For maximum effectiveness with this technique, you will need a premium account to enable sharing of your track to over 70 groups as soon as you upload the track. The key here is to join 75 groups all of which are relevant to your musical genre AND have the maximum number of contributors – for example in the picture above, the ‘Elements of Sound’ group would be the best here as it as 13,114 tracks, meaning it is the most active. You simply go to your track widget and ‘share to group’ and manually select any groups you wish to share to

Now, this isn’t the only way to gain momentum. If you are following an abundance of people and have a fair few followers, you can share your track to both of these groups by ‘editing’ the track… then going to the ‘more’ menu and sharing to both lists of ‘followers’ and ‘following’ privately. What this does is trigger an e-mail to every artist that you’ve shared a track (that is of course if they are opted in to this option) – your track will also appear on many people’s ‘dashboard’. Once you save out of the menu, you will eventually see something on your track with a padlock that says ‘shared to xxx people’. At this point, make the track public again and go back into the menu and you will have shared your track with an abundance of artists! Brilliant and legitimate!!


Want some more tips??… Read on!! 

A great way of finding people you like and that are similar in musical genre to yourself is to go to a group and look at the tracks… have a look at the ‘contributors’ and follow accordingly if you like their music. Then when you upload a similar track and follow some of the tips above, there is a good chance they will follow you back – much better than if you’re making somebody else in a different genre listen to your music.

Remember not to forget image… you MUST have a good logo design and image. This can count for so much because people make a strong association with music and images.

Here are a few other tips for now: 

1. If uploading a downloadable DJ mix or track, go to iTunes and edit the tag information to show your Facebook page and booking details. Upload your logo so it is the cover of the MP3 and ENSURE your tracks are in full MP3 high 320K format – in my opinion, people don’t wait for WAV downloads as they can take forever… and a lot of people in this World do not have such a good internet connection as yourself… and let’s face it, your goal is to get maximum exposure. Plus who wants to have a huge wav file clogging up their limited space on the mp3 player.

2. Tag your tracks on upload… This is important, as Soundcloud’s search facility works in very much the way Google’s search algorithm’s work. Therefore ensure you display a few tags when prompted on your track upload.

3. If you have a premium account, program your ‘spotlight page’… This page is essentially your custom-made selling point to display your best music. You can do this from the home page or by track by clicking the cog (see below)



If you are patient and follow these tips carefully, you can build a following relatively quickly. This guide is a taster of what is to come and if any of you did not understand fully some of these tips… or would like to know more, we will be holding a Webinar in the near future to teach you all how to carry out these steps and also a few more secret tips that can quickly accelerate your following on Soundcloud even further…