Scott Kane – Ode to God


Scott Kane-Ode to god


When we heard to this tune for the first time, it was a tiny, less than 2 minutes  preview. ‘Oh my God’ we thought. We need more! We spammed the play button again and again as the various DubNation staff members heard the song. We reached out to Scott and asked him to finish this masterpiece. So, here it is! Orchestral 140 bpm dubstep epicness.

The overall build and the arrangement of the whole track is something different. The synths are epic and mix greatly with the bassy sounds. The snares hit with a good amount of reverb, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Sotiris Kremidas (aka Scott Kane) is a Greek producer from Athens. He is 27 years old and he has produced music for almost 14 years. Dubstep is a new thing for him, a thing that he likes and he thinks that he will be doing more.   We should certainly hope so.   He tells us that he got hooked into producing dubstep because of the sound of itself. Big beats, wobbling synths, growling sounds, the “robotic dancing” were his biggest draws,  and some epic dubstep with orchestra and choir never hurts.  His biggest influences are The Prodigy, who he considers as gods and other artists like Noisia, Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, Black sun empire, Skrillex, Nero Knife party and more.

He produces using  Cubase DAW, attached with synths like massive, FM8, Albino, Sylenth and plugins like Battery, Voxengo for EQing, compression and 2cAether reverb. As for the hardware, he owns a microkorg XL, a decent computer with a maudio profire 610 soundcard and JBL LSR2325p

Scott was first signed by DR recordings nearly 10 years ago.  They featured  Scott on two compilation CDs, with an uplifting trance track, and two psychedelic trance tracks.

We suggest you watch out for this guy.

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Article written by George, aka Chemface


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