Rafii & Mr. Dubblup – Game Face

Rafii & Mr. Dubblup – Game Face

This is the first single “Game Face” from the upcoming release ‘AUDIOCIDE’ by Mr. Dubblup & Rafii which is scheduled for release on March 19th

This is Hip Hop/EDM fusion at its FINEST!

Mr. Dubblup is a 29 year old hip-hop artist and producer from Denver Colorado.  Coming from a largely hiphop background dating back to ’99, Mr. Dubblup began making Dubstep and other electronic music a few years ago while working at an EDM radio station as part of a film school.   Check out his other work  and follow him on Facebook.

Rafii, is a producer from Ireland who produces dubstep, trap, and other electronic music.  You can catch Rafii live on Saturday nights at Ink Nightclub in Letterkenny, Co Donegall (Ireland).  Check out his other work and follow him on Facebook.

Yeah, thats right.  I'm Dubblup.  Deal with it.