Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts

When DubNation.NET features an artist, we do so in a number of different ways.  The most obvious is by way of the main feature page on www.DubNation.NET.   We also repost the tracks on our soundcloud page.   We will also post a featured post on our facebook page, and it is here where most of the traffic is generated.  For featured posts, we pay to boost the post using Facebook advertisements.  As you can see, the budget is available in $5 increments.  DubNation pays for  the first $10 of advertising for each of the featured artists.


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 3.14.52 PM

Facebook is an amazingly powerful marketing platform, allowing us to target the posts to specific countries, age-groups, likes, and much more.  Artists will be given the opportunity to extend the advertising budget past the initial $10 covered by Dub Nation.  Once the budget is expended for a particular post, it is not possible to extend it.  A decision is required before the budget is spent (approx 2 days).
Advertising performance.

The ranges of the estimated reach using facebook’s advertisements can be seen above.  The “reach” is how many people will see the post about your track.  This should not be confused with the number of plays you will see, as no ad ever hits 100% of its targeted viewers.  Artists can expect between 1,500 – 2,000 clicks/plays for every $5 spent in on promotion.  Some tracks perform better than others.

For interested artists, DubNation has several other avenues of paid promotion available.  Just ask if you are interested.