Help Wanted

Image:  Help Wanted Sign

 Dub Nation Needs Your Help.

We are looking to grow the Dub Nation family and are seeking volunteers.  Dub Nation does not make any money.  We do what we do because we love the music scene and we want to give back to the people that make it great:  the musicians.   Our mission is simple, to discover great new EDM talent, and to bring that music to as many people as we can.  Dub Nation is growing FAST and we need help.   Do you have any of the skills below that you’d be willing to volunteer for the cause?  Let us know on Facebook, Soundcloud, or by emailing

Here is we know we need, but if you have other skills you can offer, please let us know!

                                           Click here to let us know you want to help, and how.


Web Design / content updates  -

DubNation is built on a wordpress theme that is working out well at the moment, but as we grow and add more and more features, the current model will not be sustainable.    We were also thinking that we may host contests in which the grand prize would be a complete DubNation promotion package which could include a website design, logo design, and free promotion on   Just a thought.

Graphic Design 

We need someone who can design images and logos for the website and other platforms.  See above thoughts about contests/prizes.


Sound/sample production -

We would like to offer sample packs as giveaways to help boost the performance of the featured posts and to bring new citizens to Dub Nation.  We would like to see loops, one-offs, MIDI clips,  Massive Presets, SoundFonts, or whatever else you can offer.


Social Network Managers

We are on Facebook and Soundcloud, but would like to branch into other social networks.  We could use people to help build/run a twitter following and help us manage our following on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Ears / recruiters -

We need people to bring tracks to us that stand above the rest and should be considered for feature.   These folks have one of the most fun jobs and the most important, listening to tunes.   We want people to go into groups on SoundCloud and listen.  When you hear something you like,  make a note of the track / artist for us.  You could also invite the artist to submit it for feature consideration on our facebook page.