Glish – Locked Out Of Heaven


Glish – Locked Out of Heaven

We have a feeling that no god would refuse entry to heaven for someone who can make a track like this. Introducing G-Lish, aka Darka.



A 24 year old named Simon living in Huddersfield UK, he is a 13 year veteran in the music production game.  Starting off Fruity Loops back in the day, he has produced 8 different genres and is still expanding.  He told dubnation “I have always had a wild mind for melodies and lyrics so I decided to make my thoughts a reality…”.  Well we, for one, are happy he did.  His tracks bring a proper sense of drama to the mind and you could easily see the music as an anthem or theme song for a blockbuster movie.

Well played, sir.

Be sure to check out his other work on SoundCloud and keep up to date on his new developments over at his facebook page.

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