FunkT – The Raver vs Black & White


Funk T-  The Raver vs Black & White

(Mashup of Ayah Marar & Xilent vs Loadstar -)

A garage rock guitarist turned turntable wizard is sweeping through the South like a Floridian heat wave, riding the thumping and electric beats of Funkt. Emerging from Tampa’s underground bass scene, this rising artist picked up the turntables in 2005 and never looked back, creating heavy electronic house music which serve as the soundtrack to clubs across the state.

While generating a lineup of bona fide dance hits, Funkt has been hustling the studio to prove his worthiness to the bass scene. His unique sound has been described “Soulful, Deep & incredibly well textured.” Funkt portrays his soulful art thru Dubstep, Electro and Drum n Bass with no boundaries. Each track displays a skilled blending of styles as Funkt continuously blurs the lines between genres.


Using Cubase 7 as his main DAW, FUNKT also Rewires Reason into my Cubase projects which completes the workflow. Rewire allows him to run both DAWs at the same time for anyone who isn’t familiar with Rewire. He also uses Ableton Live.  This guy gets around.  He designs most of his BASS sounds  with NI Massive however that is just the beginning of the Sound-Design process. He tells us that the presets are ok but he uses a ton of Plug-ins to beef them up such as SoundToys : Decapitator and Phase Mistress | Sugar Bytes : Wow and Effectrix | Izotope : Trash2 and Alloy 2.  We could go on about his setup, but its extensive.  Strike up a conversation with him on Facebook or Soundcloud if you are interested.

Believe me folks, FUNKT is a name you will be seeing a lot of.  Mark our words, this guy will be big.

Be sure to check him out on SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook.


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