Eddzaa – Uncover (Remix of Zara Larsson)


Eddzaa – Uncover (Remix of Zara Larsson)

We gotta say folks, we had a difficult time picking our favorite track by this Featured Artist.  Eddzaa (Eddie) is a producer and DJ from Sweden and is out chasing his dreams like the rest of us.  By the sounds of his tunes, his dreams may be closer than he thinks.  In the meantime he brings us this amazing remix of Zara Larsson – Uncover.  We love this jam right here.

Edza has been producing Dubstep and Glitch-hop for about two years using FL Studio.  He says he heard some dubstep and was instantly hooked.  He has had two tracks featured by dubstep.net, and if he keeps banging tracks like this, you can expect to see him here at DubNation.NET again as well. He has some new work out and more in the works, so be sure to check him out on Soundcloud and hit his Facebook page to keep up to date on all your Edza gossip (like what he looks for in women and his favorite soap opera).

P.S. We said we had a hard time picking which track to use, the close second was Verse II & Eddzaa – Hear Me Say.  Check it out on his Soundcloud profile.

P.P.S. He has an upcoming project with these guys (Verse II).  We are giddy with anticipation.


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- Eddzaa”