DubNation Does Charity



DubNation wants to give something back.   We know some of you might be saying “But wait,  DubNation does nothing BUT give, why would you need to give anything back?”.  Yes, well, that may be true but we are giving to you, our music producers and fans.  We want to help someone who needs it.  And let’s face it, if you are producing music or listening to it on the internet, you are not really in that much need.   Don’t get us wrong, we love helping you guys and thats what we came here to do.  But as we watch our number of fans steadily climb, we cant help but feel like we could do more.

Picture if you will, an album cover…  the title reads   DubNation Presents:  DubStepping Out Cancer.     Another one might read  DubNation Presents:  ChillStepping Out Hunger.   Yet another might read  DubNation Presents HipHopping on Malaria.

You get the idea.

What we would like to do is gather a bunch of really talented artists that will either work with us to create new works, or give permission to use existing works.  We will sort and publish the best of the available works in a series of albums and EPs.  Every cent of the profits will be donated to a charity, to be chosen as a group by the artists participating in each album.  None of us get paid except in that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from doing something good for another human being.  A lot of you are like us,  you want to do something good for humanity, but you either don’t have the resources or don’t know where to begin.   Well you don’t need money,  just the musical skills you already have, and a desire to be part of something good.  Let’s band together as DubNation and leave our mark on the world.

Click Here to let us know that you are interested in this project and how you would like to participate.

Thanks for helping us try to make this world a slightly better place.


*Footnote:  Many have asked questions about exclusivity and intellectual property rights.  We’d just like to point out that we are not a record label and would not really be “signing” you as an artist.  Essentially you would be giving us permission to use your work for this project, but you would still retain all ownership and intellectual property rights to the tracks you create.  You retain the rights to release/sell/distribute the tracks with other labels as you see fit.