Cave Dave -Unleash The Release

Cave Dave- Unleash The Release

Cave Dave is nothing more than a man with a passion for the music he creates. Too often music is churned out as a money making tool and the integrity and thought behind it is lost, in a world where this problem runs rampant shelter is sought in the underground. In the deepest part of the underground lies Cave Dave, a man who makes music to satisfy an equation greater than simply a sales quota. Where the music matters, and all who wish to listen to sounds closest to the musician’s heart and mind can listen, Cave Dave can be found.

Using Reason 5 as his DAW,  Dave uses the Thor polysonic synthesizer for pretty much everything except drums and orchestra work (for which he uses NNXT sampler).  Dave has been making music for nearly a decade but only recently decided to try his hand at electronic music production.  We asked Dave why he got into producing and he told us that he wanted to know how people created the sounds that people heard in dubstep.   His influences were Cyberoptics and Ry Legit (among others) and he wanted to be able to do what they did.

We, for one, are glad he waited until he did to jump into production because it gave him time to get some serious musical theory under his belt, and lets him bring us those entrancing piano riffs and synth melodies.  This, combined with the hardness of his dubstep elements,  makes Dave’s dubstep just delicious.

Be sure to check out Dave’s other work on SoundCloud, and dont forget to follow him on Facebook.


Article by Jon B.


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