BliZar – Baddest (Remix of Vaski)

BliZar – Baddest (Remix of Vaski)

Patrick O’Connor (AKA BliZar) is a seventeen year old producer from France ahead of the game. Producing with FL Studio/Cubase and popular synthesizers Massive, Nexus, and Sylenth1 he provides nothing short of an exhilarating experience. His remix of “Baddest” by Vaski says it all. Its hits the ears with a sonic boom of a crash to start and takes you into a cerebral world where only music exists. Then, as smoothly as the first section was introduced, he drags listeners into a powerful drop followed by an anthemic chorus that is reminiscent of his electro roots.

The next drop is fueled by the drums; they pump through the speakers and really make the song come alive. Ending with reverb on the vocals the listener is brought back into reality with a sense of euphoria, ready to do it all over again.

After hearing his entry into the beatport remix contest we are sure he is going places. His style is sleek with enough bite to scare a vampire, his melodies made us feel “so good,” and his mixdown is solid. Leaving room for improvement only a master could see; he is on the come-up. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see his name in lights at any big festival.

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