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Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts

When DubNation.NET features an artist, we do so in a number of different ways.  The most obvious is by way of the main feature page on www.DubNation.NET.   We also repost the tracks on our soundcloud page.   We will also post a featured post on our facebook page, and it is here where most of the traffic is generated.  For featured posts, we pay to boost the post using Facebook advertisements.  As you can see, the budget is available in $5 increments.  DubNation pays for  the first $10 of advertising for each of the featured artists.


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 3.14.52 PM

Facebook is an amazingly powerful marketing platform, allowing us to target the posts to specific countries, age-groups, likes, and much more.  Artists will be given the opportunity to extend the advertising budget past the initial $10 covered by Dub Nation.  Once the budget is expended for a particular post, it is not possible to extend it.  A decision is required before the budget is spent (approx 2 days).
Advertising performance.

The ranges of the estimated reach using facebook’s advertisements can be seen above.  The “reach” is how many people will see the post about your track.  This should not be confused with the number of plays you will see, as no ad ever hits 100% of its targeted viewers.  Artists can expect between 1,500 – 2,000 clicks/plays for every $5 spent in on promotion.  Some tracks perform better than others.

For interested artists, DubNation has several other avenues of paid promotion available.  Just ask if you are interested.

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Tips on Increasing your exposure on SoundCloud

First thing is first… Soundcloud is an incredible platform for anybody in the music industry, regardless of whether an artist, fan or a record label owner.

Genre is also irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the Soundcloud experience. There are a mixture of many genres and artists on Soundcloud, which makes it probably the most successful music platform on the web with over one million active users to date! 

As great as it may seem to quickly sign up, upload your DJ mixes or tracks and have loads of people head to your page to interact, it really isn’t as simple as this unfortunately.

What we are going to go through may seem obvious at times, but the smallest tips all added up can soon add up to an exponential amount of fan interaction, new plays, favorites and fans.

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How to submit your tracks


So you want to submit your tracks to dubnation for possible feature? Great, we’d love to hear it.

But hang on a tick,  don’t just run off and send us every link you have.  Here are some tips that may help your chances.  Please read this completely before submitting.

DO NOT SUBMIT WIPS (Work in progress) OR DRAFTS.   If it is not finished, why would we choose to feature it on the web and pay our money to promote it.  Any track labeled as a WIP, draft, or anything similar, will be skipped.   If you want us to even listen to it,  remove anything that says WIP, Draft, unmastered, etc..  but wait… make sure you also…

Only send us your tunes if you are 100% happy with it!  The human ear gets tired very quickly, so as tempting as it may seem to get some heat on a new production and stick it on Soundcloud, wait for a few hours and listen again. Also, perhaps send to a friend that will give you an unbiased opinion – this is crucial.  If you submit a track and it is not chosen, we (and most people) probably wont listen to re-edits.

Don’t send us your first track!  As much as you want to get the word out there about your newly found musical prowess, it is important to remember that practice makes perfect.  Our first few tracks are rarely great.  We are still discovering our styles and finding out what works for us.  Find your style, then show it to us.   I know some of you are thinking “But wait, I have a really great track here, and I KNOW it.“.   Great!  if you really struck gold your first time, we cant wait to hear from you.  Still though,  produce a few more.  We tend to like to feature artists who have at least a few tracks for people to listen to.  Remember above how we said you might not get a second chance with a lot of listeners?  We really really mean it.  Prepare at least a few tracks so your new fans have something to fall in love with.

Enable downloads – While not an absolute requirement, we prefer tracks with downloads enabled, and so does your new fanbase.

Tracks from Paid SoundCloud accounts will probably be featured more often.  While this is not a rule, it is probably going to be the norm.  Paid soundcloud accounts have fewer limitations such as number of audio minutes, groups, and number of downloads.  You wouldn’t want a feature from DubNation to send 50,000 people to your track, only to have the download limit reached in hardly any time.

Keep it Legal – and it’s proprietors assume no responsibility for content within submission audio files and their accompanying images.  By submitting a track for submission you are assuming all responsibility(legal, civil, or otherwise) for its content.

One last thing.   We promote your track by way of paid advertisements.  The first $5 of every featured track is on us.  If you want to keep the ad running (not required), you can do so at your own expense.  See our Promoted Posts page for information on the promoted posts program and it’s benefits.

Great.  Now that thats all out of the way,  head on over to DubNation’s FaceBook page to start submitting your tracks.  Just like the page and drop your track on our wall (one per post).  We prefer soundcloud links but if you only have links to other sites we’ll take them.  We will listen to everything that is submitted, but please please please be patient.   We get so many submissions, and we are volunteers doing this after working a full day job.  Going through them all and giving each the chance it deserves takes a lot of time.

P.S.   Want to know how we judge your tracks, and how we pick what to feature?   Check out this post:   How We Pick Featured Tracks.


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