Atrox Bass- Dubblgangers Featuring Mr. Dubblup

ΛTROX BΛSS feat. Mr Dubblup – Dubblgangers


Atrox Bass is a two-man team hailing from France.  They have been producing Dubstep together for a year using FL studio and the seemingly ubiquitous NI Massive.  They recently signed a deal with Alfa Matrix Records for their remix of “Letting go” from Psy’Aviah.   is out on alfa matrix records, in which he’s signed

On this track they pair their Dubstep with the lyrical stylings of Rap Juggernaut, Mr Dubblup.   DubNation fans will remember our recent feature where Mr Dubblup KILLED it with Irish producer, Rafii.  Yeah, he kills this too.
Atrox Bass is currently working on their second EP.  You can download their first for free right here.  Be sure to check Atrox Bass out on Facebook, and for more tunes check out their SoundCloud profile.


For more Mr. Dubblup,  Check out his other work  and follow him on Facebook.


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